Sunday, 23 December 2012

Local Business & Anglers Complain to Bord Failte as Concerns Mount

Dear Bord Failte,

As I am sure you are aware, Minister for Marine, Simon Coveney, is planning to push through plans to build massive Salmon fish farms on the west coast of Ireland. As an Angler, I believe that this move will have a very negative impact on tourism in Ireland, as these farms are widely known to damage all sorts of marine life in Bay's/ Estuary's. Angling is a large jewel in the crown of tourism in Ireland, and the King of fish, the Atlantic Salmon, is the main attraction for tourist anglers and local anglers alike.

We have seen the massive amount of damage that these farms have done in Chile, Scotland, Norway and Canada, and if this were to happen here, then almost certainly tourism will be severely affected. The facts are very well known internationally about these dangerous fish farms, and the Minister is hiding these facts for financial gain, but there won't be any gain, but simply disaster for a small country that depends on the Tourism industry to boost it's economy.

The Minister states that up to five hundred jobs will be created with these farms, and I personally don't think that it takes a mathematician to work this equation out.
Please help to stop this utter madness of a plan, before it's too late."