Sunday, 10 March 2013

Connemera Sea Trout Collapse of the 1980's

The Famous Connemara sea trout collapse of the 1980's was a direct result of having salmon farms placed on the West Coast of Ireland. Connemara was a great sea trout angling destination but the salmon farms placed on the coast destroyed this angling sector. Connemara never recovered to this day. July 8th 1993 this parlimentary question was raised

20 Years later it seems nothing has changed and nothing learned. Only this time the worlds biggest salmon farm is being proposed by Simon Coveney. If approved, will have the capacity to wipe out ALL juvenile sea trout and salmon along the Western Sea Board of Ireland. Not only effecting the West Coast but the South Coast of Ireland together with German and France's migrating salmon smolts on which these salmon farms lay on their migratory path.

Not only now, is this an Irish issue but a very serious European issue effecting other countries.