Monday, 16 December 2013

Response from Consumer Association of Ireland

Dear Consumer Association, December 13th 2013

We have a huge concern regarding miss labeling of farmed salmon products on Irish supermarket shelves. We believe the consumer is being misled with fancy packaging that displays words such as Organic, Natural Salmon etc...

We believe the word Organic displayed on Farmed Salmon and Smoke salmon is completely wrong and only offers to manipulate customers into buying farmed salmon from supermarket shelves.

What can the Consumer's Association of Ireland do about this problem?

Yours Sincerly,
Ireland Against Salmon Farms

RESPONSE FROM CAI December 16th 2013

Thank you for your email. We currently work very closely with the Food Safety Authority of Ireland in relation to all regulation. Currently we are looking into the definition of ‘Artisan’ which will cover a range of foodstuffs. Specific to farmed salmon, this is being investigated at European level of which we are part of, through our membership of BECU.

Kind regards,