Monday, 24 February 2014

Fish News EU - Salmon that is Labelled "Organic"

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AN Irish environmental pressure group alleges that the country's organic farmers are concerned about the methods being used to produce salmon that is labelled "organic".

The claims came from Save Bantry Bay, an organisation which relates that serious concerns about the certification of farmed salmon as organic were raised by the Irish Organic Farmers and Growers Association (IOFGA) at their recent AGM and members voted unanimously to establish a working group to immediately investigate.

Alec O'Donovan, Secretary of Save Bantry Bay, said: "We welcome the decision by IOFGA to review the 'organic' label for salmon farming. It is time we stop misleading consumers into believing this is a product that is better for the planet when it is actually contributing to the degradation of our inshore environments, water quality and wildlife."

"Organic salmon farmers argue that they're more humane as they stock at lower densities. But, they're still taking a fish that would normally swim thousands of kilometres across the oceans and sticking it in a cage. Organic chicken farming does not allow hens in small cages even though they actually walk only very short distances," added Breda O'Sullivan, Committee Member, Save Bantry Bay.