Thursday, 27 February 2014

Mr Coveney has been given misleading information from a few within the Marine Institute and their cronies within BIM

Mr Simon Coveney and his Department of Agriculture is been made look like Piggy in the middle and Ireland look like an Island of Clowns to the rest of the Europe. To us Mr Coveney has been given misleading information from a few within the Marine Institute and their cronies within BIM to keep their bank accounts full of Irish Taxpayer money.

The European Commission is investigating why it did not receive a scientific report from the Department which showed the amount of sea lice likely to come from such a farm could devastate much of the country’s wild salmon and trout.

This report was drawn up by Inland Fisheries Ireland, responsible for protecting and developing inland fisheries and sea angling and protecting wild salmon under the EU’s Habitats Directive.

Instead, the Department sent a different study from another state agency, the Marine Institute, that said the danger would be small: about 1% compared with the 39% suggested by the Inland Fisheries report.

The Ombudsman is also investigating the issue and was told by the Department that the Inland Fisheries report had many inaccuracies and fundamental errors and that it “would have had disastrous results for Ireland’s reputation” had they sent it to the Commission.

To us this is where the misleading information came into effect and more of the untold truth about open net pen salmon farming has now made Mr Coveney and his department become untrustworthy of information they forward to the EU.

To the best of our knowledge the report that was sent to Europe by Mr Coveney's Department was issued from within the MI Marine Institute and had been peer reviewed by persons with a conflict of interest with open net pen salmon farming. This report was questioned by four independent scientists and has proven the IFI Inland Fisheries Ireland to be correct in saying that sea lice from these open net pen salmon farms are killing up to 39% of the wild salmon smolt at sea. When the report was published in Journal of Fish Diseases, this forced the head of the Marine Institute, Dr Peter Heffernan, to defend the work by saying the scientists had not considered the entire study.

This is part of the report from the Journal of Fish Diseases:

The Jackson et al. (2013) incorrectly lead the reader to a conclusion that sea lice play a minor, perhaps even negligible, role in salmon survival. Such a conclusion can be supported only if one is prepared to accept at least three fundamental methodological errors.

The first is that the pairedcontrol–treatment structure of the data was notutilized in their meta-analysis (only as separate pertrial chi-squared tests), thereby allowing interannual fluctuations in overall survival among trials to obscure (or bias downward) the overall effects of
parasiticide treatment relative to controls.

The second is the use of arithmetic averages for comparing survival proportions between control and treatment groups; these data are log-normally distributed, and appropriate survival analysis involves the calculation of differences in groups on the log scale.

Finally, their measurement of the difference in survival between control and treatment groups in absolute percentage points (their overall final result is approximately 1% point) does not equate to the percentage of salmon that are lost to mortality caused by parasites.

We the NSFAS (No Salmon Farms At Sea) are asking all Groups, Organizations and members of the general public to join with us and voice your concerns on April the 2nd 2014 at the AVIVA Stadium Lansdowne Road, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4 where BIM are hosting their National Seafood Conference 2014.

Please see link attached for their conference programme,

We are asking that everyone joining with us on the day to bring their own placards and banners and meet with us at Gate A of the Lansdowne Road Entrance to the stadium at 7:00am.

See link attached,

We are hoping to have speakers from various groups throughout the day to voice the concerns of their Group / Organization with open net pen salmon farms at sea on the day.

Should you have any suggestions or questions please contact any of the following.

NSFAS Secretary, Jim Kelly. …………………085 820 5096

NSFAS Chairman, Paddy Keenan. …………… 087 27 46 755