Thursday, 2 October 2014

Widespread Calls to have existing Salmon Farms on the Irish Coastline moved to Safer Closed Containment Systems

Closed Containment Salmon Farming

Its been three years or more and we are still campaigning to have these Salmon Farms on the Irish Coastline moved to safer inland closed containment systems. Why aren't our elected government in Ireland listening? Why is there such a lack of interest and inability to move forward. The benefits to moving to closed containment systems far out-whey the out dated system of salmon farming along the coastline.

Here are few advantages to using closed containment salmon farms:

- No sea lice
- Less need for the use of anti biotics and pesticides
- Better waste control
- Cleaner water can be used
- Its a greener solution that can benefit the enviroment
- No danger to native species of salmon and sea trout

Closed containment works well as can be seen below:

- Containment fish farm near Port McNeill ready for harvest

- Onshore salmon farm plan Bantry

- Harvesting of healthy adult salmon from the Cork, Ireland site demonstrated that the technical innovation from Niri produces superior results 

- AquaSeed operates a closed containment farm to raise coho salmon in Washington State