Thursday, 13 June 2019

Cork Independent: Fishy business sees salmon off the menu at Liberty Grill

Liberty Grill on Washington Street have taken all salmon off their menu after learning of the poor conditions in which salmon are farmed in Ireland.

Article Source: Cork 
A popular city centre restaurant has taken the liberty of removing salmon from its menu with immediate effect.

Liberty Grill, based on Washington Street, made the decision after learning of the manner in which the flavoursome fish are farmed in Ireland.
A post on the restaurant’s Facebook page read: “Last week we stopped serving smoked salmon after reading some horrific stories about this once revered mythical Irish fish.
“Salmon are packed into cages of up to 250,000 fish off the coast with just enough water to swim. They are basically being attacked and eaten alive by sea lice which can reach levels of 50 plus lice per fish.”
Liberty Grill is encouraging others to get on board in an effort to bring an end to the poor treatment of farmed salmon in Ireland. The post also condemned the large amounts of pesticides, chemicals and antibiotics that are used to control disease, which it claims turn the areas surrounding the fish farms into “death zones”.
The post continued: “They are fed pellets that are made up of a pink dye to give the salmon its pink colour.
“These farms have been implicated in the serious reduction of our native salmon and sea trout populations.”