Health Issues

Do you know what you are eating?

Pregant women and Children should not eat Farmed Salmon.

A Few Facts.....

1. Have seven times the levels of PCB’s as wild salmon and are highly carncenagenic. Researchers found significantly higher concentrations of contaminants in farmed salmon versus wild. In particular, four substances that have been well studied for their ability to cause cancer — PCBs, dioxins, dieldrin, and toxaphene — were consistently and significantly more concentrated in farmed salmon as a group

2. Farmed Salmon are fed Chemicals to give them color and unnatural growth.

3. Are fed pellets of chicken feces, corn meal, soy, genetically modified canola oil and other fish containing very High concentrations of Toxins

4. Are administered antibiotics at higher levels than any other livestock

5. Have less omega 3’s due to lack of wild diet

6. Are crowed into small areas inhibiting movement, and causing disease

7. Salmon farms at sea create a surge of up to 10,000% the population of Sea Lice around the cages, any natural salmon who pass these cages are attacked and killed by sea lice therefor reducing the natural population of salmon and sea trout causing devastion to our rivers and lakes.

8. The majority of salmon in the supermarkets shelves and restaurants is labelled as Organic Salmon even though there is nothing truly organic about it. It is in fact Farmed Salmon and should not be bought. They have used the word organic salmon on the packaging to manipulate and confuse consumers into buying their toxic farmed salmon.

9. It has been revealed in scientific studies that farmed salmon is so carcengenic that it is advisable not to have more than two portions per week.

Please Boycott Farmed Organic Salmon from your local Supermarkets and Fish Mongers with immediate effect!

Salmon Farming Exposed